Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Update: Tiercel with a Bright White Chest - We Have Closure

    Although peregrines have adapted to a life in the city it is in many ways much more dangerous than their natural cliffside habitat.The glass covered skyscrapers & traffic congestion being the two most deadly for them. DC knew the Rochester skies well as he had been flying over them since 2012. He had only migrated once early on and so was used to the harsh upstate NY winters. 
But he was now a senior falcon approaching his 12th year. I had wanted to believe he had migrated this past winter as it would have explained his absence. But in my heart I really doubted it. 

   On the 18th of May we got an answer to his disappearance. While on a 911 call at the old Rochester Riverside Hotel firefighter Neal & his partner found a deceased peregrine falcon on a lower roof. They did some research and realized we were missing one and contacted Rfalconcam. Our DEC contact, Amy Mahar, was notified and she came to Rochester. She was able to confirm that the deceased falcon was indeed Dot.ca, Black Band/13 over Y. 

   It appeared he had collided with the building and died instantly. I believe it may have been one of the blinding snowstorms with relentless winter winds that caused his demise. I would like to thank the firefighters for taking the time to give us answers we needed for closure. The DEC has been asked to bury DC together with his beloved Beauty and I thank them for agreeing to. Now they fly high and free together and will never be forgotten. 

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